The Taylor Four!

The Taylor Four!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maddy's first Gym Class

Hello Everyone!

Last Friday while Bella was in school I decided that it was time that I took Maddy to My Gym just like Bella did when she was her age. She loved it!! I was so happy--I think it was because she is never really with anyone her own age..she always has to hang around with those BIG kids! HaHa the thought of Bella as being a BIG kid to Maddy makes me laugh.

Here are few pictures and a video of how much fun she had during her very first My Gym class with Coach Mike and Coach Jordan!

In the picture above she is playing with a red ball (she likes to color coordinate her accessories to match her outfits) and she realizes that she is not in there alone and right after this took a dive into the balls and I had to save her so she wouldn't get lost! lol

In the picture below she is standing all on her own in the middle of a huge donut! She was so proud of herself!
In the video Coach Mike is helping Maddy do a Headstand..she is not to excited about it but does a good job! Yayy Maddy!

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