The Taylor Four!

The Taylor Four!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching Up!

You know, when I started this Blog I thought I would be much better about updating it than I have been! We have had a great past few months. Jeremy left to Hawaii for a six week rimpac adventure in late June. He missed Maddy's birthday, but we had a big bash to celebrate her birthday with daddy before he left. My mom came out mid-june to spend time with all of us, be here for maddy's first birthday and birthday party, and to help me out once Jeremy left. Thanks Mom, You're amazing! Here are a few pictures from Maddy's first birthday party:

I got to go out to Hawaii to join jer in Mid August for a week, and we had so much fun. We swam with dolphins, hiked to a waterfall, kissed in a cave in the middle of the ocean, just to name a few highlights! Don't get me wrong being a Navy Wife is hard work, but it does have it's special moments! Here we are sharing an amazing moment at Maunawili Falls in Hawaii! It was our first vacation away from the girls. We missed them but it was so nice just to hang out with some of our best buddies and to be with each other most importantly!

The girls are doing great! Bella is gearing up for her second year at learning ladders! She has moved up to the two year old class and will be going Monday's and Wednesday's. She is so excited and such a smart kid! I don't think I can say that enough about that little one! Maddy is one! July 13th we celebrated her first year of birth! She is a walking, talking, and especially climbing machine! I can't believe how fast time flies! Here is Maddy:

Here is Bella getting her first manicure :
Jeremy started his journey home from Hawaii at the end of July. Boy was that journey home insane! The plane broke down in San Diego, which was actually nice for Jer so that he could see his parents and Jason, Nicole and Kylie. He was really excited to see them, it had been months since we were there last. Here is a picture of Uncle J and Kylie early in the morning for the first time since January:
He FINALLY made it home after a crazy week with 20 minutes left to spare on August 2, along with Pam and Rayner! We were so happy that they were finally able to make it out! They stayed here with us for two weeks and left on the 16th on a C-130 to Washington to try and get back to good ol' SoCal! The girls really enjoyed their stay, we all did. We are planning our next trip out to Mission Viejo in October so we can spend some much needed quality time with Pam, Ray, Jason, Nicole and my cute and only little niece Kylie. A quick pic of Grammy with two of her grand-daughters:

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