The Taylor Four!

The Taylor Four!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bella's First day of Learning Ladders and Maddy's first Gymnastics class!!

Wednesday Sept. 8 was a big day for the girls and for mommy and daddy! We woke up bright and early and got ready for Bella's first day of school and for Maddy's
first gymnastics class! Here is a picture of Bell
before school started:

Bella had a blast. As you can tell from her video how ready she was and how I needed to leave whenever she got there. I got a good report from her teacher that she was very polite and verbally beyond her years. She had fun. She colored a picture, painted a picture and reviewed her letters and numbers. She requested a PB&J sandwich for lunch and some carrots with Ranch dressing--interesting combination but she did eat it all so I can't complain. She is looking forward to going back and seeing Mrs. Debbie and Ms. Melissa Monday morning!

Maddy and I then headed to have coffee with some friends and then straight to worlds gym for the mom&tot gym class. I used to take Bella there with me all the time, but this was a first for Maddy and me. It sure was a challenge. She was not into doing things along with the group. She liked to do her own thing at her own pace and if I tried to move her she would fall to the ground and have a bit of a fuss. So, as long as I let her do her own routine she was fine! I swear I don't know what do with this baby sometimes! She has a mind of her own! We had fun though, it was nice for it to just be me and Maddy for a bit. Here is a couple of pictures of her when she was cooperating!

Below are two videos of the girls on their exciting days!

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